Mulch & Topsoil (NY)

At FORESTRY INC., we have the best mulch for your gardens.

Using mulch can enhance the aesthetics of your garden. It is the answer to many issues such as: extraneous weeds, rising water bills, or poor nutrients in the soil. Mulch can provide an attractive and cost-effective solution for both residential and commercial gardens. It offers innumerable other advantages to gardeners, including reduction of maintenance, minimizing water usage, equalizing temperature, and improving soil quality and fertility.

Triple Dark Mulch

Our dark mulch is triple ground and made up of recycled organic tree debris. It can be used to cover the ground to improve appearance, maintain soil moisture, reduce soil erosion, and to control weeds in planted areas. Our natural dark mulch is free of dye and is a completely safe product.

Jet Black Mulch

Jet Black Mulch is perfectly suited to retain heat and water in your soil. Its natural heating properties make it perfect as a harvesting soil. Moreover, our black mulch serves as an excellent weed controller, prevents nutrient leaching by discarding extraneous rainfall and preserves edible crops from getting dirty. At FORESTRY INC., we use safe organic dye on our jet black mulch.

Playground Mulch

FORESTRY INC. specializes in playground mulch. We have 13+ grandchildren! We wanted to provide a product that is as clean and as safe as rubber, but at a fraction of the price. We designed a process using 100% pine that is free of dirt, sand and rocks. Our three step process results in a light and fluffy mulch.

Pricing – Landscapers & Contractors Welcome

Triple Dark Mulch Price
Cost per yard $15 per yard
Ask about our discount for bulk orders of 30 or more yards!
Jet Black Mulch Price
Cost per yard $22 per yard
Ask about our discount for bulk orders of 30 or more yards!
Playground Mulch $30 per yard (made to order)


The top layer of soil, usually the top 2 to 8 inches, is called the topsoil. It is essential for a good garden.

Topsoil contains the highest concentration of organic matter and micro-organisms.

Our topsoil is made from 100% organic dirt and tree debris. We do not mix it with fill or any other materials.

Topsoil $19 per yard

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